Video Blogs

Building trust and brand recognition takes time

Video marketing is like going to the gym.It doesn’t work if you just do it once. You need to do it regularly to get results.

To really build trust and brand recognition with your clients, you need to publish at least one new video per month on your website and social media channels.

That’s why smart businesses invest in 12-month video series.

How to stay front of mind with your customers

Here’s what we recommend as part of a high-quality video series:

● ‘Who we are’ stories

● Product demos

● Staff interviews

● Case studies

● Testimonials

● Behind-the-scenes footage

● Video blogs

● Events

● Mythbusting

● Answering FAQs

This regular drip-feed of video contentwill keep your business front of mind with your target market.

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Today's topic is on the age old question of whether someone your company has engaged is really an independent contractor or consultant or whether, at law, they are actually more likely to be an employee.

To say that it's a challenging time for financial services in Australia would be an understatement. We've seen a Royal Commission which exposed a range of failures to meet customer expectations and demonstrable shortcomings in existing regulation. We're seeing a raft of changes and proposed changes aimed at remedying those failures.